Who Are We ?

THE MOTIVATION TO ESTABLISH Australia’s only annual circular fashion conference came from the mounting body of research pointing to the negative environmental impacts caused by the fashion industry.

OUR PRIMARY AIM is to first and foremost educate and start important conversations with the biggest and most influential parties in the Australian + New Zealand retail fashion industry.

An ongoing theme of the ACFC and now ACTA is the continued effort to build awareness and support outside of industry.
Our new board and directors are active in all levels of policy guidance across federal, state and local governments. We’ll continue to explore the most efficient means of separating and recovering textiles from commercial and residential waste streams, and, support the development of new technologies that will be able to reprocess them.

ACTA represents the voice of industry in this space, and is focused on delivering a nation-wide take-back program for textiles by 2030. Built on the principles of the circular economy, this system will preserve value in textiles, directing them to the highest order of recovery, reuse or recycling. To serve our growing membership, we are moving toward a more targeted program of sustainability themed workshops to build accountability in members, and also empower them to better manage their own supply chains for end of life recovery.

Who Are We ?

The ACFC is a call to action to
accelerate and expand sustainability
efforts within the textile and apparel
industry, in order to mitigate risk and
establish actional solutions.
The ACFC introduces innovative
strategies and resources for creating
economically viable businesses for
the future.


Tracking discussions around textile recovery over several years, the method and approach of the ACFC and ACTA has evolved to reflect current needs.
In 2020 we will not be hosting the Australian Circular Fashion Conference (ACFC) as our interests move toward supporting practical action in industry through the Australian Circular Textiles Association (ACTA), founded following the 2019 conference.

Save The Date

Following the success of Australia’s
first two inaugural, annual Circular
Fashion Conference’s in 2018
and 2019, The Australian Circular
Fashion Conference is here to
stay as we work on implementing
fashion sustainability within
5-10 years.