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Globally the issues of environmental sustainability for the sake of all humankind, has finally started to get the attention required to instigate corrective actions.  The Australian Circular Fashion Conference is in itself a testament to a call to arms to tackle this issue first hand and rightly so.

Yes we are all still wearing clothes; well certainly the greater majority of humankind. What we do with our clothes after their utility has expired for whatever reason remains a blight on society.

The Australia Circular Fashion Conference 2018

The volumes involved in the Australian market are as to be expected with a mature, wealthy economy, well above global averages.  With the vast majority of apparel imported, today it is still a one-way street to Australian landfills.

“With the vast majority of apparel imported, today it is still a one-way street to landfills.”

Action by our industry is required now.
As an industry, we can take action now and indeed capture the growing market for more sustainable apparel. Overseas retailers have not only identified the problem, they have identified the opportunity and are leading the way. The Australian industry can move in the same way, right now.

Realistic practical solutions that make a difference are available today. Textile Recyclers Australia not only offers sustainable after life solutions for clothing and textiles, we engage and offer solutions at the product conception stage where the real saving to business and the environment can be realised.

The Australia Circular Fashion Conference 2018

Of course case studies, academic research and investigation is critical in moving technology forward but we don’t have to keep adding to our landfill waiting for the theoretical to become the practical. This we do at the cost of our environment. Indeed at a cost to your business as simple market demand for environmentally responsible product in every industry only grows.

This conference is not only a dialogue of like-minded individuals it is a call to action. It is only a matter of time before government will mandate after life responsibility of the product back on to the importer/manufacturer/retailer. Now is the time to seize the moment.

Together with the common purpose to effectively address this issue, a difference can be made. The common cliché is all too true in this case, “Every little step is a step forward”. It makes sense on every level that you take action now.

You will make a difference and not only will your business benefit, our environment will benefit and most importantly generations to come will benefit, from the actions that you can take today.

The Australia Circular Fashion Conference 2018

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