The Australia Circular Fashion Conference 2018

Ethical Fields | Co Founder

ACFC 2018 Speaker

Spending two decades working for a more equitable and sustainable world, his career includes paid and volunteer roles across government, community and business sectors, specialising in building and leading teams, networks and businesses that deliver social, environmental and economic value.

Cameron Neil is an entrepreneur and strategist engaged in building, advising and leading businesses, markets, institutions, and networks to achieve more good for people and the planet. Over 12 years Cameron has experience in sustainable and ethical supply chains from a broad array of industries; including regulation of global agricultural commodities such as cocoa, coffee, tea, forest products, and cotton.


“Feeling like we are at war for the heart & soul of our nation. Fairness & equality, human rights, dignity, public institutions are being eroded.”


The Future is Cooperative. Over the last two decades, Cameron has worked with hundreds of businesses and organisations across the Asia-Pacific of all sizes, from Australian Federal Government departments and large corporations like Telstra and Wesfarmers, to small social enterprises in Cambodia and the Solomon Islands.

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