Mara Hoffman Chief Executive Advisor + Brand Strategist | New York

ACFC 2019 Speaker

Celine began her career with CNN International in London, U.K. as a global senior executive developing tailored communication and business development strategies for companies across diverse industries.

In 2015, Celine shifted her focus to her interest in SME’s and joined Mara Hoffman, a privately owned apparel company. She has concentrated on the
company’s organisational improvement, leading inter-departmental communication and performance management initiatives. In her recent work, Celine has led several special projects focused on social engagement and community organising, while supporting the company and the industry’s shift towards more sustainable practices.

Celine sits on the Board of the Advisory Council of the social enterprise program the New Standard Institute.

Don’t stand between her and a good burger.

“During Patagonia’s Rick Ridegway presentation when he declared, ‘Sustainability- you have to know you’re never going to get there… be aware.

Get Active. Use your talent to do good, & remember the power of just one individual.’ This, for me, was the ‘Aha!’ moment for a simple reason.”

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