The Australia Circular Fashion Conference 2018

GlamCorner | Co Founder

ACFC 2018 + 2019 Speaker

Renting dresses saves money and space – fundamentally it’s better for the environment –  six tonnes of clothing thrown away every 10 minutes in Australia today.

Dean is the Co Founder and CEO of GlamCorner – Australia’s largest online designer fashion rental business.

After completing a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in Finance at the University of Sydney, Dean spent the first four years of his career as an investment banker – working in Sydney, London and New York.

Dean and his wife Audrey founded GlamCorner in 2012 when they saw an opportunity to introduce the benefits of the Sharing Economy to the wardrobes of Australian women.


“Due to the rise of social media, it’s harder to repeat outfits – women aren’t getting value out of their clothes. The solution is sharing clothing which brings down the cost per wear.”


Audrey Khaing-Jones presented an alternative solution for the number of unworn pieces she had accrued in her wardrobe over 24 months.

The company was launched on social media in 2012 and now has over 50 employees and tens of thousands of customers throughout the country. 

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