The Australia Circular Fashion Conference 2018

Vivify Textiles | Founder + CEO

ACFC 2018 Speaker

Edwina is the Founder and CEO of Vivify Textiles. Based in Berlin Germany. The business specialises in Sustainable Fabric Supply Chain and offers great ranges of certified sustainable textiles, from recycled fabrics, organic fabrics to natural fabrics.

Honoured to be invited as a guest speaker for both Global Sustainable Fashion Week 2017 in Budapest and Eco-Fashion Week Australia 2017, Edwina has gone onto celebrate Vivify’s success winning a “Hightex Award 2018” at Munich Fabric Start.


“As parts of the supply chain for sustainable fashion, one of the biggest challenges is, insisting ethical value throughout different stages of supply chain.”


Currently Edwina is working in Europe to expand Vivify as a global player.

Edwina believes in Sustainable Fashion and because there is a lot of encouragement in market about Sustainability but not much action, Edwina’s passionate to make this happen. In her word, she is into “doing the talk, and doing the walk.”

In 2016 Edwina launch “Ethical Fashion Room”podcast, to share insight perspective on sustainable fashion. An extension of her passion to help educate as many as possible about ethics, sustainability, inexperience within the topic and supply chain.

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