The Australia Circular Fashion Conference 2018

Good On You | Co Founder

ACFC 2018 Speaker

Gordon’s passion is to make it possible for people’s consumer choices to match their values – thus creating positive change for the environment. In founding Good On You, he and Sandra collaborated extensively with ethical consumer groups nationwide.

Gordon is the CEO and co-founder of Good On You, the ethical fashion app. He was formally the Director of Policy and Campaigns at CHOICE, Australia’s leading consumer organisation.

While at CHOICE Gordon came to realise that most people want to make consumer choices that are good for the world, but it’s often too hard to do so.

He is a member of the board of Good Environmental Choice Australia, an environmental certification scheme, Deputy Chair of Justice Connect and Deputy Chair of the Consumers Federation of Australia. He represents consumers on several industry dispute schemes including the Telecommunications Industry and was formerly a member of the Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council and the Council of Consumers International.


“Proliferation of online fashion & increased ease having items from across the globe delivered to our door, it can be easy to lose sight of the ethical impact of choices we make.”


Gordon has been a consumer advocate for 30 years. After launching GOY in Australian and America, Gordon and his co-founder Sandra Capponi, have continued to introduce a number of educational pathways on ethical and sustainable fashion choices for consumers and brands. Currently they have around 220,000 users on the platform.

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