The Australia Circular Fashion Conference 2018

LifeCycles | Circular Economy Professional

ACFC 2018 Speaker

November 2017, Loop brought together 200 businesses, government and academic professionals from 9 countries and every Australian state and territory at the Powering the change to a circular economy conference.

Jodie has 15 years’ experience in corporate sustainability, life cycle thinking and the circular economy in Europe / Australia.

She returned to Australia in 2016 after 12 years in France, where she was responsible for developing and co-ordinating Northern France’s circular economy strategy and had developed a collaborative Life Cycle Platform working closely with the manufacturing and recycling sectors. In this context she worked with textile recyclers to develop high value products, and major apparel brands to rethink the design and customer journey of their products.


It takes two to do an LCA right. Someone from industry who understands their supply chain… Then A life cycle ninja to model technical system on the environment.


Since 2016, Jodie has been Circular Economy Manager at Life Cycle Assessment Consultancy. She works on enabling clients to understand the science so they can make informed decisions. Jodie has led circular economy projects including potential impactful evaluations in transitioning to a circular economy for Green Industries South Australia.

In 2017 Jodie co-founded Loop Circular Economy Platform, a not-for-profit dedicated to approaches with the potential to transform the economy along circular economy principles.

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