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The conference will attract over 700 business leaders from the largest multinational companies in the Australian and New Zealand apparel and textile industry’s.

THE ANNUAL AUSTRALIAN CIRCULAR FASHION CONFERENCE is Australasia’s leading business to  business event on sustainability.

WE UNDERSTAND HOW to sustain longevity in a volatile market, driving corporate responsibility to match market trend is essential. ACFC is looking for long term strategic alliances with companies over the next five years.

Society moves ten times faster than we did ten years ago – globally we have reached tipping point in un-sustainable manufacturing.

In 2017 11.3% of all purchases were returned, a further 30% of those purchases cannot be on-sold, amounting to 2.25m tonnes of waste.

Annually Australians send $500m worth of clothing to landfill. It’s crucial for industry to adopt sustainable business operations.

Why partner with the ACFC.

Customer relationships are the cornerstone of every successful business, company’s social responsibility now impact customers buying decisions.

8 out of 10 customers consider the company’s social responsibility values before purchasing, a further 88% of customers will become more loyal to brands who show an affinity to reputable social responsibility.

How to support change.

The beauty of fashion is, the flexibility to be inventive and creative. We believe this is how we can see a real transition for modernisation in current fashion production.

With your support we look forward to building encouragement, excitement and possibility with hundreds of people who are eagerly engaged with the prospect to look after our country.

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We seek collaboration in the Australian + New Zealand fashion retail and textile market.

Each year we take-on 5-10 volunteers to work closely with our organisation in the weeks leading up to the conference and also on the day.

We don’t discriminate, if you share our enthusiasm to provide others with a great experience at The ACFC and keen to become immersed in all this sustainability then we’d love to have you onboard.

Do you have what it takes?

Skill sets are advantageous however not required. We are proficient in our hiring process to ensure we can maintain a level of quality when it comes to customer engagement, event management and attention to detail.

How to join our team

We ask all potential volunteers to submit:
• Your current resume
• Contact details

We will contact you within five working days upon receiving your enquiry. Please note unforeseen changes and unsuccessful applicants may be notified at any time.

Please submit your resume + expression of interest to