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The conference has attracted 700 business leaders from the largest multinational companies
in the Australian and New Zealand apparel and textile industries to date.
Society moves ten times faster than ten years ago – globally we have reached a tipping point in un-sustainable manufacturing.
In 2017, 11.3% of purchases were returned, a further 30% of those purchases are not on-sold, amounting to 2.25m tonnes of waste. Annually Australians send $500m worth of clothing to landfill.
How to support change.
The beauty of fashion is the flexibility to be inventive and creative. We believe this is how we can see a real transition for modernisation in current fashion production.
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Customer relationships are the cornerstone of every successful business, and corporate social responsibility now impacts customers buying decisions.
8 out of 10 customers consider a brand’s social values before purchasing. A further 88% boost loyalty towards brands who demonstrate reputable social responsibility.
With your support we look forward to building encouragement, excitement and possibility with hundreds of people who are eagerly engaged with the prospect to look after our country.
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Each year we invite 5-10 volunteers to work closely with our organisation in the weeks leading up to the event and also on the day. Skill sets are advantageous, however not required.
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