The Australia Circular Fashion Conference 2018

The Textile Hub | GM

ACFC 2018 Speaker

Local fashion businesses requiring smaller batches of fabric, can prevent inventory build-up and waste by opting to work locally.

Julian Lowe is a print entrepreneur, who in 2018, started The Textile Hub in Sydney. His mission is to provide a platform for fashion start-ups, established apparel businesses, and students to bring some, if not all of their apparel manufacturing to Australia, through access to our digital textile printers, cutters, pattern makers and network of local makers.

He has been involved in printing, importing, distribution for 21 years, and has travelled extensively through SE Asia, China and Europe, studying and learning new business ideas and technology.


“Fashion students are driving Ubers, Cabs & becoming graphic designers, because there is no fashion work”


Sustainability has been at the forefront of the concept of The Textile Hub, since the initial inspiration for the business in 2009.

The Textile Hub is bucking the off-shore trend, the aim is not to compete with factories in China and India in mass textile printing, but to offer a faster service to local designers who want a faster turnaround to keep up with the fast fashion trend.

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