The Australia Circular Fashion Conference 2018

Sustainability with Style | Consultancy Expert

ACFC 2018 Speaker

How did an image-obsessed shopaholic become an environmentalist and learn to achieve sustainability with style?

Lisa Heinze is a sustainable lifestyle advocate who recently submitted her PhD on sustainable fashion at the University of Sydney. She is Co Founder of Clean Cut, Director of Sustainability for the Manly Food Co-op, and a Fashion Revolution committee member.


“Fashion & sustainability requires solutions that are holistic, innovative collaborative & future-focused.”


Following the successful completion of her Masters research, on lifestyle/cultural barriers to climate action, Lisa traded in the advertising career for a green-collar career. Soon after Lisa published her book, Sustainability with Style, to support newcomers to environmentalism with everyday lifestyle choices.

Lisa’s current work considers fashion as a social practice, in particular the entanglements between design, retail, consumption and activism. The aim, is to re-think fashion for an environmentally and socially just future.

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