The Australia Circular Fashion Conference 2019

Salvos Stores | CEO, National Director | Melbourne

ACFC 2019 Speaker

Praising his current position and the truly incredible team, nothing makes Matt happier than the ability to make a difference every day.

Matt Davis is a highly skilled and respected leader and strategist having held key roles in large organisations and retailers including Directorships at ALDI Stores and General Manager of Sales and Marketing at World Vision Australia.

Matt has also served on the board of each, an organisation providing health and disability services in Australia and is in his second year as Chairperson for the National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations (NACRO), advancing the governance, innovation and impact of charities and their retail shops around Australia.


“We’re about providing people with meaningful opportunities to develop & looking after the environment.”


In 2016, Matt was appointed as CEO for Salvos Stores Southern Territory and in May 2018 was appointed as National Director – Salvos Stores Australia.

Salvos Stores is the retail arm of The Salvation Army, operating 331 stores nationally. These stores, along with support and leadership teams employ 1890+ team members and have the generous assistance of over 10,500 volunteers.

The personal values Matt brings to the organisation enables his team members to express their passion for recycling, sustainability and social impact to life.

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