The Australia Circular Fashion Conference 2019

(Former) Kathmandu | Sustainability Specialist

ACFC 2019 Speaker

An outdoor lover and keen social surfer Ollie joined the Kathmandu team close to four years ago. Diving in head first to a new role supporting the strong values the brand was looking to emulate throughout every aspect of the business.

Ollie remains optimistic about the future by focusing on such predictions as sustainability managers will be leading the fourth industrial revolution. He believes that partnerships are at the heart of improvement in waste and sustainability and encourages industry-wide collaboration to yield bigger and better results. 


“Fashion Companies have to have a Sustainability program, the PR risk is too great not to!”


With a passion for the outdoors and a keen surfer in his own time, as the sustainability specialist at Kathmandu, Ollie has been leading initiatives such as recycling 6.7 million plastic bottles into new clothing and saving 11.5 million bottles of water by using recycled cotton and solution-dyed polyesters.

The most important thing for Ollie and Kathmandu is to recognise that for long term financial success they must embrace sustainability in all sense of the word.

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