Meet our previous speakers

  • The Australia Circular Fashion Conference 2019

    Ollie Milliner

    A passion for the outdoors and a keen surfer in his own time, Ollie was the Sustainability Specialist for Kathmandu.

Celine DeCarlo

mara hoffman, NY

In 2015, Celine shifted her focus to SME’s and joined Mara Hoffman, a privately owned apparel company. [..]

Dean Jones

GlamCorner, AU

"Renting dresses saves money and space - fundamentally it's better for the environment." [..]

Elysia Evers-Wilson

Textile Training, AU

Elysia is passionate about embedding innovation to support sustainability at all stages of fashion systems. [..]

Making a Difference

This will be an ongoing journey over the next 5-10 years (in reality). We believe recycled textile products and waste recovery processes will lower in cost and become a more competitive market.There’s much to be explored, celebrated and shared in this space.

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